About us

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It all started when…

Olya Shishkina created OS Sampling Production in 2017. After creating her own brand in 2010, Olya wanted to brin her know-how to help other designer and other brand to bring their creation to life. 

Now, there is a highly qualified team is there to listen, to translate your idea. Their strong experience allows to realise very technical models with high quality. 

OS Sampling Production allows you benefiting from a skilled and experienced team, an attention to every small details, no minimum order, advise through the process, quality control at each step, rapid production, and clear and simple process.

We provide high quality sampling and production services as well as made to measures and evening wear. We work with all kind of materials including leather and stretch fabrics. All garments are made in our studio in London and every steps of the clothing manufacturing process are closely monitored. 



Have a look …


How we make a blazer

Designed by Roberta Einer


How we make a swimwear

Designed by Oceanus Swimwear


How we make a bomber

Designed by Roberta Einer