Sampling is one of the most important stages of the garment development process. This is both a technical and a creative step which needs to be done by skilled sample maker. Our professional team will anticipate any possible problems during the production.  We ensure to always have good communication with the designer, as well a single-minded attention for details.

Our creative seamstresses are here to create your perfectly finished samples. We would be able to advise you and guide you safely through the process to fulfil perfectly your expectations. The team, as well as the studio manager, is passionate and experienced in sampling and give you high standard services. The studio is well equipped which enables us to offer you the best quality.


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We provide high quality sampling services and are able to work with all kind of materials including leather and stretch fabrics. We will be happy to produce any type of samples such as prototype, salesman’s or promotional samples.

Due to the wide variety of garments and fabrics we are used to working with, we are unable to provide you a precise price list for our services. However, we can provide you an estimate based on your sketches, technical pack and garment description.

Feel free to send us your images for a free quotation with no obligation.


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